About Us

Keystone was developed in the early 80s and involved importing commodities from all corners of the world. Even then their commitment to customer service and the dedication to quality were clear. As the company flourished travel was a key to this success and during these travels, food became intertwined with the culture and sophistication of business clients. Importing products due to their unique qualities was clearly a key in staying competitive.

While Keystone gained momentum importing commodities, a past time of a 66 acre orange grove became a passion and soon, Keystone began exporting their own citrus to China. It was on the grove that the idea blossomed to import fabulous foods and therefore some of the culture of other countries to The United States.

Soon The Sandy Butler (a unique gourmet market & restaurant) was developed near the beaches of Sanibel and Fort Myers. With over 20 years experience in importing and brokerage Keystone provided The Sandy Butler with many opportunities. The Sandy Butler employed key representatives with over 50 years combined experience in the food industry to help find the best items for their own gourmet market & restaurant. Next, they decided to form The Sandy Butler Group. Their mission became to find the best quality products that they can provide exclusively to their customers. They found a confirmation to their mission when the NASFT awarded their Pensato brand Lemon Olive Oil with a sofi award.